WAY OUT WEST 2013 | Alicia Keys Sets Göteborg On Fire

The fabulous Alicia Keys, hot off her European tour, gave an incredible performance to close out Way Out West 2013. During the 1.5 hours she was onstage, the crowd was energized, and Alicia Keys commented that it must have rubbed off on her. From “New York” and “Brand New Me” to the classics, “A Woman’s Worth”, and “No One”, she sang all of her favorites. Whether playing the piano, the drums or just groovin’ onstage, dancers at her side, she was definitely on fire.

The crowd cheered and sang along with her during the show. She even performed the call from “You Don’t Know My Name” Saying that “.. the one with the braids, oh well I used to have braids but I cut my hair now..” which made the crowd laugh and erupt in cheers once it was done. She was clearly enjoying herself and so was the audience.

She took a short break near the end of the performance to return in a studded black dress and even did an encore before saying Good night and reminding the audience to always set the world on fire in whatever they set out to do.

Alicia Keys is truly an amazing and talented performer, it was the perfect ending to Way Out West 2013!

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