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Customization for the ‘Me’ Generation

Remember the time Nintendo Power featured a “Design your own Game Boy” contest. The gaming magazine had a template of a Game Boy which you could draw on, and color, and then mail in, in hopes of it being chosen as a winning design.

While on paper, designing a unique Game Boy that broke away from the standard bland grey mold of the original handheld portable seemed like a good idea at the time, customizable gadgets were still years away from becoming mainstream.  Nintendo didn’t sell colored Game Boy designs until some time after, and they certainly weren’t customizable.

These days customized products are pretty common place, for the right price, adding a bit of personalization like the license plate on a car. Nike has been doing it successfully for years with their NikeID website. Following in a similar vein is Motorola.

Google’s Motorola is offering the ability to customize their new Moto X phones in hopes of drawing  consumers away from the ‘bland’ competition. Something refreshing that isn’t currently done with smartphones. Change the front and back plates, and the trim. While this sounds like a game changer, Moto Maker is tied to only AT&T currently, with other carriers to be announced at some later date not specified. Though, it is fun to play around with the design tool.

If the Moto X is supposed to be the next big mid-range smartphone, customization should be available to everyone regardless of carrier.

It should be interesting to see how the new Google Motorola Moto X strategy will play out when more design options are released. For those who want something a little more fancy than the colors available, Phandroid reports that the Wood Grain finish might come at an extra cost.

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