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Back in time.


Do we really need more live-action Marvel comic adaptations?

With the blockbuster movie franchises, and spin off series like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel is bombarding the big and small screen with their properties.

And the fans keep eating it up.

Three episodes in, Agent Carter has established it’s style firmly.  A spy-action series based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe set back in the 1940s. It follows Agent Carter aka Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell, as she appeared in Captain America the movies and related comics. The first episode ties in, picking up where the movie left off.

Agent who?

Marvel is banking that mainstream audiences would remember Agent Carter from the movies, but most people wouldn’t really jump out of their seat for the character. Unless of course you are an avid or die hard comic reader.

Marvel further expanded on Agent Carter with the direct-to-video short film Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter, which appeared on the Iron Man 3 DVD.

Despite the lack of mainstream recognition, the show’s execution is quite well done.

The setting allows a much more creative alternative to the usual modern Marvel timeline. The sexist attitudes of that era make for some pretty funny exchanges between Carter and her colleagues in the S.S.R. Strategic Scientific Reserve.

It follows a similar structure to J.J. Abrams spy show Alias (2001), which featured Agent Sydney Bristow who kicked-butt, and had numerous costume changes while going undercover to save the world, all while trying to balance a normal life.

Alias also happened to be on ABC from 2001-2006. Basically it’s the same shit, different era, and it works.

Agent Carter was recently picked-up for a second season, so it looks like Peggy Carter won’t be going away any time soon. Can Marvel do no wrong?



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