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Sky Movies has an exclusive video featuring Neill Blomkamp and Sigourney Weaver discussing a follow-up to ‘Aliens’ making it official that a new ‘Aliens’ movie is very much on the way.

This comes after Blomkamp teased images of his ‘Aliens’ concept art on Instagram page, leaving many to wonder if this was an unrealized failed concept or entirely something new in pre-production.

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With the video confirming that the project is legit, sci-fi fans can rejoice. But will this movie be any good?

Blomkamp hopes that his ‘Aliens’ movie will be a ‘genetic sibling’ to ‘Aliens’. This could mean that it shares the same timeline and the same visual style as Aliens (1986). Completely ignoring ‘Alien 3’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’ movies.

However, you just can’t top James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’. Many have tried, and all have failed. While Cameron has moved on to bigger things like AVATAR, his work on ‘Aliens’ inspired the space marine badass genre, with unforgettable characters, and moments that made cinema history.

So when ‘Alien 3’, and ‘Alien Resurrection’ failed to capture the success of ‘Aliens’ the xenomorph franchise seemed to hit a snag.  Followed up by ‘Alien vs Predator’, and well Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ many wondered if there would ever be proper ‘Aliens’ movie done right.

Blomkamp’s strong points as a filmmaker is his ability to blend urban landscapes, with sci-fi elements. Robots sharing the screen seamlessly with live-actors. The design elements of Chappie, Elysium, District 9, Halo, Alive in Joburg pretty much share the Blomkamp aesthetic.

While the political/war/military themes of his work might translate well in to good action scenes in a new ‘Aliens’ movie, the rest remains to be seen. 

Cool concept art and visual effects are one thing, but audiences will expect more from an ‘Aliens’ movie. 


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A photo posted by Brownsnout (@neillblomkamp) on

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