MOTO X | Motorola x Calvin Harris Under Control


Spotted at the Dance Party.

Music videos. They only exist for the product placement advertising, it seems. This must be where Motorola’s  $500 million marketing budget is going. Whether it actually gets these smartphones in the hands of  hipsters, remains to be seen. Motorola is in the red, and  many of the fancy things about the phone — the wood panel, the Moto Maker aren’t available to the masses, yet. Delayed? They’ve been rumored and hyped, but nothing.

The advertising seems to be on track. Targeting the youth culture, but is the Made-In-America assembly up to snuff?  Is Motorola missing out on consumers who just don’t have the patience to wait around for the Moto X, with other alternatives hitting the market. With all these pop-culture tie-ins we’ve seen so far, maybe Motorola should consider making “Celebrity Editions” of their customizable Android smartphone. A Kim Kardashian Moto X, or Yeezus Moto X.

For now, all those waiting for something other than Black or White for their Moto X, will just have to wait.   Apparently, the wood panel back plate of the Moto X is only available to DJs in electro dance music videos.



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