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‘Constantine’ seems to have hit a snag with an unknown future for the Master of the Dark Arts.

Buzzfeed has posted 2015 renewals, and cancellations for major broadcasters. They listed ‘Constantine’ as “Awaiting news” from the NBC broadcast network. This was also confirmed by other sources. It’s not cancelled, rather ‘Constantine’ is in a state of life-support.

Season 1 of ‘Constantine’ starring Matt Ryan based on the comic Hellblazer was met with lukewarm reviews. The show however has built a small but passionate fanbase who want to see the story and characters develop further. The first season ends with the ‘rising darkness’ storyline getting stronger. Unfortunately, fans might be left hanging.

The series had a slow and uneven start, but it certainly has the potential to continue being that weird comic book adaptation that isn’t quite mutant Marvel, and not your traditional DC comic.

Sony’s ‘POWERS’ is much worse.

Here’s hoping that ‘Constantine’ will see a Season 2, somewhere through traditional broadcast, or online VOD.

Should we be worried that Matt Ryan’s IMDB page shows Constantine as 2014-2015? Creator’s Daniel Cerone, and David S. Goyer also have no writing credits for Constantine listed beyond 2014-2015.matt_ryan_imdb


There are reports of the Cerone is shopping season 2 to the network. Fingers crossed.



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