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 Kotobukiya ARTFX+

Amazing set of Batman figures from Kotobukiya ARTFX+ statue collection. Batgirl is a new addition to the set, and is looking really cool.

Check out the specs!

Scale: 1/10 
Height: about 185mm 195mm only about (base included) body 
Atelier Bamboo: Sculpted 
Price: ¥ 5,000 (tax) 
material: PVC 
Product specification: PVC Painted 
May 2014 Release Date:

Translated Description

To ARTFX + (plus Art FX) series of Kotobukiya, only female family of Batman, Batgirl will be added. Get over the training and further harsh rehabilitation treatment After working as the first Batgirl, is also burdened with serious injury of paraplegic nemesis The Joker of Batman, Barbara Gordon is dressed in black again Cape, I came back to Gotham City! Costume of black × gold that has been renewed in accordance with the NEW52! Opening has evolved into body armor has armor of bellows is intact, combine the ease of movement and protection surface utility belt and bat-type boots that is reminiscent of the pre-suit back to wrap it with a body part was carved in detail to bat brooch cloak and anti-cloak unique purple. Paint is done separately colored in metallic color as well as conventional series, I reproduce a texture with the body suit. The square pedestal series of common specifications that came with can be fixed in the desired position in the magnet of the sole of the figure. Together with the Batman family series to be released from now or a combination of sale “NEW52 version ARTFX + Batman” and “ARTFX + Super Girl NEW52”, Please addition to your collection by all means.




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