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Samsung Galaxy Gear


The era of wearable technology is upon us with the early leaked photos of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, and rumor of Apple’s ‘iWatch’. Sporting a wrist watch just might make a comeback.

The convenience of looking at your wrist makes more sense than the tedious process of using a slab smartphone from out of your pocket, but will these futuristic gadgets have enough features to convince consumers that they should give up their smartphone or at least add another smart device to their life?

With gadgets like Google Glass headset, and smartwatches, wearable tech seems to be complimentary working together with a smartphone and adding to person’s daily tech ecosystem.  Enhancing ones experience with technology, depending on the activities a person is doing ie: Sitting around at home, or going for a run in the park.

Whether Samsung’s new device is merely an early prototype or a final version of the device. It looks like Samsung is on right on time. Get it? Time?

The official reveal of the Samsung’s new tech will be taking place Sept. 4.

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