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INDIE GAMING | Crabitron by Two Lives Left




PAX Australia had a very good showcase of local developers this year.  While visiting the indie alley at PAX  we saw a wide range of creative games on display — From the dark and serious to the humorous and quirky.

Crabitron, from Two Lives Left is a hilarious cartoony app for the iPad, that lets players live out their fantasy to be a giant crab from space, destroying the universe, while challenging your friends with a high score. Sorry Android users, no Crabitron for you, yet.

The game requires two hands ideally,  so you can control both your pinchers on the touch screen. The goal of the game is simple, take out anything that would harm the giant crab.

The art direction is entertaining,  sure to please the the younger gamers out there. Though, I don’t think crabs move their arms like octopus tentacles in the real world, but who really cares for anatomical accuracy, it’s a Giant Space Crab.

The game plays a bit like Fruit Ninja, where you’re swiping around the screen to take out things like missiles. Crabitron is a fun app, but pretty simple, a little too simple and might lack depth for some. With  two years in development, estimated at $100,000 to develop from a team of three designers, the $4.99 USD price point isn’t too shabby.

Check out the Crabitron site:



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