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Google made headlines last week with the announcement of their augmented reality app Ingress by Niantic Project — developers who previously worked on Google’s Maps. It’s their step into game development for mobile devices, with players voluntarily providing their location by checking in or ‘hacking’ points of interest, like landmarks around their city. Using a futuristic, yet striped down version Google Maps style interface, you play either a member of the Enlightened or Resistance, taking over areas by setting up portals.

Unseen to the naked eye and only visible by the lens of a camera, (or map app in this case) augmented reality is ripe with potential in the gaming space. Remember Nintendo’s Kid Icarus Uprising AR cards for the 3DS? While it’s still too early to tell if Ingress will incorporate more smartphone features, other than maps, the potential is there.

Ingress is currently in CLOSED BETA with activation codes obtained several different ways. It is also currently ANDROID only.


Download the game at


Request an Invite at


Read up on some assorted

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Brandon Badger of NianticLab has been posting activation codes at random, and to people who post unique Ingress art, photography, and videos.


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