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Dreamcast Anniversary

Dear Sega,

It’s been 14 years since the Dreamcast was released.  We’ve finally got over the fact that you’ll never be returning to making game consoles. We’ve come to terms with SEGA focusing solely on delivering quality SEGA titles from your vast library of content.

We all know Phantasy Star Online 2, has been out in Japan for a while now. So we just gotta ask, where is our English version of the game? Fans really want to know, and your silence on the matter has been disturbing, if not mysterious.

I’ve played the Japanese version, and it’s amazing.  Please don’t let your Western fans down, by never releasing it in North America or Europe.

The original Phantasy Star Online was truly a pioneer in online gaming, and multi-player online action, and if it weren’t for the Dreamcast, there wouldn’t be so many imitators.  I can forgive you for the hack job of Phantasy Star Universe, and the entertaining, but utterly useless Phantasy Star Zero, but I think it’s time you give fans what they really want, and that’s PSO 2 with a global release date.

Don’t let Phantasy Star Online the brand, disappear from the public eye. PSO2 is magnificent evolution over the original, and deserves to be played by all.

In the mean time, we’ll keep watching the PSO intro, over, and over, and over again.

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