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Warcraft: The Gathering


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft pits players against each other through trading card based battles. The characters or classes are from the Warcraft universe,  Blizzard Entertainment’s main cash cow franchise.

The game has been out since the spring of 2014, on iPad, as well as other platforms and has already built a loyal following.

It’s basically Blizzard’s attempt at meeting head on with Magic: The Gathering in the digital/mobile app space. By purchasing card decks, players are able to improve their chances of competing in duels. You can also win items for use in World of Warcraft .

Battles are set up fairly quickly, and efficiently, that it makes Hearthstone pretty addictive. If you can stand the pain of defeat that is…

This is the type of game where when you start out, the wins are few and far between. Simply put, Hearthstone is BRUTAL. Even the final tutorial you’re required to get through is a bitch.



Some say “It’s all about building a good deck” and executing the right strategy. Sure that’s the fun of it, and as gamers we appreciate challenge, but mostly we can’t stand defeat.

And I think that’s what makes Hearthstone so appealing. When you win it’s the best feeling ever. When you lose, it hurts, but you just want to go back for more. Endless cycle for people who like to get punished. You’re gonna lose, and you’re gonna lose a lot. Cracking Rank 20, only to keep losing.

Well, see you in the game.


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