FAILURE TO LAUNCH – It’s Kanye’s World


When an artist makes it big in the mainstream, producing and collaborating with other artists is the best way to stay in the spot light, while fans wait for your next album.  Collaborations with equally popular musicians or even with lesser known artists, are good ways to reach new fans in different genres. Launching a career of a new artist through a collaboration with a big name could mean a lot of money if they make it big, but more often than not, the big name steals the show.

Kanye West is a good example of this. Artists who enjoyed some hype from Kanye, but really failed to breakout on their own are easy to pick out. As soon as the single fades from the airwaves, so do their careers. If anything, the collaborations with these artists only fueled the success of Yeezy.  It is the music business after all.


KID SISTER  – Pro Nails Feat. Kanye West

Whatever happened to Kid Sister? She Tweets from time to time, and released a mixtape.

MR. HUDSON – Supernova Feat. Kanye West

Mr. Hudson, or the guy who looks like a villain in 007, did another collaboration with Jay-Z. Other than that, we have no idea what he’s up to.

ESTELLE – American Boy Feat. Kanye West

Estelle has released another album. Has anyone actually heard it?

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