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DIY | VHS Vancouver Hack Space


A thriving space for creative and technical Do-It-Yourselfers.

Tucked away behind a row of auto body shops, and low-rise office buildings,  Vancouver Hack Space (VHS for short) is like your old high school shop class, only less boring, and more like your stoner buddies, college frat house.  With 3D printers, laser cutting machines, and all manner of tools, there’s enough stuff here to survive the zombie apocalypse, and possibly build a small army.


This is not your average workshop.  The vending machine is filled with batteries, and packs of instant ramen noodle.

Building things, out of old toy parts, computer hardware, hacking them together to create something functional is the challenge. How you do it, is the fun part.

VHS is a Membership run,  throws weekly themed events for all ages, and skill levels. They also provide nifty handouts for noobs like “Soldering 101.” IF you’ve ever wanted to delve into the DIY maker culture,  VHS might be for you.

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